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We make it easy for you to book your trips. Email us with your requested dates and times, we will check availability, and then do the booking. And at the same time we can send you directions, arrange for rentals, or answer questions pertaining to the boat. All within 24 (business) hours. We use all the Monterey boats and book you onto any of them and match your schedule.

On weekends - departure at 7:30 and 1:30 and on weekdays, departure at 9:00.  All of the half-day trips are $85.00.  Additional fees for Nitrox. The Monterey Express provides tanks and fun - you supply the rest. Boarding is 30 minutes before the scheduled departure times.

Nigh dive schedule
The seasons night dive schedule is now fixed and in place. Boarding time is
30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. All time listed are departure. These dives will consist of one dive at dusk and the second dive following full nightfall. Divers should arrive with 2 forms of night illumination...a personal glow stick or similar type unit and a regular hand held dive light.

5/21 @ 6:30
6/11 @ 6:30
7/9 @ 6:30
8/27 @ 5:30
9/24 @ 5:00

> please contact 1-888-PEN -DIVE to sign you up.

•  More information about the "Monterey Express" by Bruce Watkins.


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