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Equipment of the Month: Henderson Wet Suits

— Our most popular line of wet suits comes from Henderson Aquatics, USA.  The company offers enough variety to cover anyone's needs. The wet suits come in a variety of styles and thickness, from 3 mm to 7 mm and from shorty to full body, farmer john and jane, to one piece.

The two primary materials used by Henderson are the Titanium Gold Core and the Titanium Hyperstretch.  Both insure easier doffing and donning, more strength and suit integrity, and much more warmth. Although we feature both materials, our number one seller is the Titanium Hyperstretch One Piece Jump Suit.  Long arm one piece suits mean less water flow and therefore, warmer.  But the big feature is how much it stretches.  The material stretches up to 250% - you can fit more shapes and sizes with more comfort and warmth.  And without restriction of movement. Trying is believing!

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