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Location: Philippines, Island of Bohol and Sangat Island

Island of Bohol:
We spent 5 days on the Island of Bohol. We stayed at the Bohol Island Divers Resort and went diving with the Philippine Islands divers. My husband got his advanced certification here and really enjoyed his 1-1 instruction. The prices were about $25 per boat dive. This company is very popular with Korean and Japanese tourists but they do have smaller boats for non-tour groups. One day went diving with another company and found that Philippine Islands divers to be more professional and on time.

Island of Sangat:
Later we spent another 5 days on Sangat Island Resort north of Palawan and I cannot recommend this place enough, it's a diver's paradise. Sangat Island is located 45 minute boat ride from Busuanga island. The specialty of this area is wreck diving because Americans sunk 11 japanese freighters in these waters during the second world war. We chose to stay at this resort because of its proximity to the diving sites and it was the right decision. Where other (possibly cheaper) resorts are located about 45 minutes from the wrecks, Sangat island was only 10 minutes away from most of the wrecks. And since it is such a small resort (only 10 bungalows), the dive boat would take the divers out for a morning dive, come back for lunch and naptime and leave again in the afternoon. No need to try to take a nap on a fuel-smelling boat with no shade. On our last day we hired one of the boats (same price as a regular dive) to drive us to Barracuda lake on Coron island. This was an incredible dive with hot and cold water mixing at the bottom.

I hope you find this short report useful and share it with other divers visiting the Philippines. It's truly a great place to visit.

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