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— At PENDIVE we realize that many snorkeling and SCUBA diving families have children that don't want to sit on the beach, stay at home, or stay in the resort pool.

IIn order for them to increase their enjoyment, we have an excellent selection of inexpensive (I know they're still growing - I have a mess of kid's and grand kids) 2mm thick children's size shorty suits (1/4 length arms and legs) for the warmer waters of the Caribbean and South Pacific, and 3mm thick full body wet suits for the cooler waters of Hawaii. The 3mm full body suits can also be used as a surf suit here in Northern California. These suits fit kids from 45 lbs thru 135 lbs. 

In addition, we have children size masks and swim goggles (look thru their own personal window on the underwater world, snorkels (breathing tubes), smaller fins and flippers, polyolefin suits, shirts and pants (provide a little warmth and SPF 50 sun protection, and can be used as a rash guard), children's inflatable snorkeling vest (more comfort and safety), sandals, underwater frizbees, and much more.

To review the polyolefin suits and some of the shorties, please go to www.aeroskin.com (hey Mom and Dad, there are suits for you also) and to preview the shorty and full body suits, go to www.deepseeinc.com. And for the children 10 and older, we do offer (limited) Scuba programs.

Please contact our staff for more detailed information.



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