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So you want to be a SCUBA diver. 
Learning to Scuba Dive can start as early as 8 years old with certification (diver's license) starting at 10 years old. Although it can be difficult and complicated,  we make it easy as possible. 8 and 9 year olds can be taught the fundamentals of pool SCUBA diving but are limited to the pool.  This means they can play in our on site heated pool with SCUBA gear to improve their in water comfort for non SCUBA activities in open water and to prepare for full certification later. 10 thru 14 year olds can actually receive their own full certification or diver's license, enabling them to dive with their parents during vacations. Children 14 and under can run small and most of the problems with SCUBA training youngsters is their size. Most Scuba equipment is designed for larger people. We do carry a limited quantity of equipment for smaller people, but the biggest issue is going to be the exposure suits. Wet suits and dry suits come in a variety of thickness' and styles, and are designed to keep people warm in any waters that your diving or snorkeling in. Northern California waters traditionally run, at the surface, approximately 50 degrees. Smaller people do not have very much body fat and body fat helps to keep you warm. Wet suits for diver's in Northern California need to be 6 plus millimeters thick overall, with an additional 3 to 5 mm in the trunk.  This can make it difficult to get a smaller person into the suit, and once in, it can be restrictive, something most youngster's don't like. We recommend that the smaller people, 10 and 11 year olds, consider completing their openwater certification dives in a warmer environment (less requirement for heavy exposure suits). However, we will attempt Monterey on a limited and specific basis based on the child's performance in our on site heated pool.

Benefits to children SCUBA diving
SCUBA diving expands their horizon, its clean fun, its exciting,  gives the child one more activity that they can do with their family, makes the child more comfortable in a water environment regardless of activity, makes the parent more comfortable with their child's ability around the water, and teaches the child about safety.

10 and 11 year olds, must take the class with a parent or legal guardian (unless the adult was trained thru PENDIVE recently, and then the parent must still attend everything as the child's buddy). The child and parent will be interviewed by PENDIVE, and basic swimming skills will be evaluated. The child must be well behaved, and attentive. 12 thru 14 year olds are handeled the same as adults (for training purposes)


If you have any questions regarding our kids cove equipment, course schedule, or how much fun it is to dive, check with our kids cove coordinator, Douglas, for first hand information.



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