Open Water Diver Certification

This is your ticket to a lifetime of new adventures, new friends and a whole new outlook on life. The Open Water Diver certificate allows you the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional anywhere in the world as long as you bring your certification card with you.


Thank you for your interest in PENINSULA DIVING CENTER's diver education program.To maintain a high degree of individualized instruction, our classes are limited to eight (8) students,  with a two to one student to instructor ratio. To reserve your place in the PENDIVE class, a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required, with the balance of $125.00 due by the first session. Total: $225.00.

Many students prefer to learn the rudimentary diving skills using their own equipment. The PENINSULA DIVING CENTER is a diving education center and a full service professional dive store. As your interest grows in owning your equipment, please feel free to discuss both your equipment needs and purchasing plans with a staff member.

Equipment you need to provide:
Students are required to supply their personal equipment. You will need the following pieces of basic personal equipment before the first pool session: mask, snorkel, weight belt, gloves, boots, fins, and academic package. Our professional staff will be on hand to help you in selecting the proper equipment to suit your individual needs. The approximate cost is $350.00 to $595.00. You may make an appointment for your equipment selection date, in addition doctor's physicals are required.

Equipment we will provide for all pool sessions:
Air tanks and buoyancy control devices, individually sized, along with the highest performing regulators (with alternate air sources) will be supplied for all pool sessions. The PENDIVE instrument consoles consist of a submersible pressure gauge, compass, and either the Scubapro/Uwatec  Aladin Pro or Sport Diving Computers. This pool equipment, our Omersub, USIA, Whites, and Scubapro Dry Suits,  our plush 4-way-stretch lycra neoprene diving suits, and the newest most flexible (and the warmest) Henderson Hyperstretch wet suits are available for the ocean experiences. (PENDIVE will also supply the diving lights and chemical marking lights for the night dive.)
The rental fee for all four ocean diving days, including the ocean skills evaluation fee, is $195.00.

Arrange for all rental reservations early! And don't forget to ask for our exclusive Rental/Purchase Program when you select your rental equipment.

How it works:
Classes meet for seven (7) lessons, two nights per week, Tuesday and Thursdays, (or sometimes, Monday and Wednesday) from 7:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. (usually half classroom and half pool session). Both the classroom and pool are on-site.  We keep our pool heated year round to enable as much practice as you desire before, during or after becoming a certified diver. There is never a charge to practice or for any equipment needed in the pool.

The ocean experiences are spread over four days (two weekends)and include 8 ocean dives - 7 Scuba and 1 snorkeling.

The first weekend will consist of one snorkel/skin dive and three SCUBA dives. The second weekend will consist of four SCUBA dives. One SCUBA dive will be a night dive enabling you to see the differences between the marine life that is visible during the day compared to the "night life." We may go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or have a barbecue on both weekends.

We make diving easy for everyone. 
Though attendance by class members is not mandatory, family and friends are welcome to attend these non-diving activities. We must emphasize that the ocean experiences are designed to be fun and enjoyable and also a learning experience. By the time we get to the ocean, you will have mastered all of the required skills. In the ocean, you will be using the natural diving skills you have learned, and, you will be learning to observe marine life. You will also be sharing in one of the rarest and most fascinating family recreations available.
Arrange for all lodging reservations early! 
Doctor's physicals are required prior to the first ocean weekend.

Certification and membership
Certification and membership in an internationally recognized certifying agency will be awarded upon successful completion of all the requirements.

For more detailed information please come by the store to pick up a course curriculum and to check on equipment.

» Contact us: by phone 1-888-pendive or email or use our sign-up form to sign up for your next class.

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