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The Peninsula Diving Center offers this spot in cyberspace for divers to promote the sale of their quality pre-owned equipment *. And best of all, there is no charge for this service.  If you have a piece of equipment in good shape (and in good working order) feel free to contact us with a description and contact information at: preowned@pendive.com

Currently we offer following pre-owned equipment far sale:

3 aluminum 80's and 1 aluminum 72

* The Peninsula Diving Center does not in any way make any qualifying statements about the appearance, usability, condition, or suitability of any pre-owned equipment mentioned on this site. As always, it is the responsibility of a prospective buyer to verify an item's condition before purchasing any piece of diving equipment and to be thoroughly trained in the proper and safe use of the equipment.





• 3 aluminum 80's and 1 aluminum 72. All tanks are in hydro - 2005. All have current visual inspections are done. Price is $80 for AL 80's and $50 for AL 72. All tanks are outfitted with standard K valves.
Please contact the store for more information.

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