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Rental-Purchase Program

— The Peninsula Diving Center R/P program (rent to own program) is an exclusive plan offered only to our students and selected customers. This program is designed to help PENDIVE students defray the costs of the rental and purchase of their personal scuba equipment. Upon joining the program, you will also begin a "purchase account" of $20.00 deposits to help you save up for your new equipment. The R/P program is specifically designed for our diver not wishing to buy all of their equipment at once and need to rent some or all of their equipment at first.

Entry into the program:
— Students may participate in the program by entering an initial $20.00 deposit into a "purchase account." This deposit as well as others to follow will be used to purchase your new equipment. However, once this initial $20.00 is removed, it closes your participation in the R/P program.

How the program works:
— Each time you need to rent equipment, you reserve your equipment and pay the rental fees under the store's regular procedures. At the same time add another $20.00 deposit to your purchase account. In addition to your $20.00 deposit, PDC will issue credits to your R/P account. For each item you rent (B.C., regulator, cylinder, wetsuit or weight belt) the amount of your credit will equal one-half the rental fee paid. For example, if you rent a regulator/computer combo for $45.00 and a cylinder for $12.00, and add a $40.00 deposit to your purchase account, a $22.50 regulator credit and $6.00 cylinder credit will be issued to your R/P account.

When you are ready to purchase equipment:
— Under this program you can purchase your equipment all at once or one piece at a time. When you are ready to make a purchase, your R/P credits will be deducted from the purchase price and you may apply some or all of the moneys in your "purchase account." However, remember that once your initial $20.00 opening deposit is used your account will close.

Program terms:
— The following equipment is available for purchase through the R/P program: B.C.'s, wetsuits, regulator/computer combos, and cylinders. The number of credits that may be earned toward a particular item is limited but represents a substantial savings in both rental fees and purchase price.

Frequently asked questions:
1. Can I get my $20.00 deposits back if I decide to quit the program?
Yes, that money is yours. However, once you close your account you cannot reopen it. Also your rental credits will be forfeited (these are the credits you wouldn't have if you weren't in the program.

2. Can two people join the program as a couple?
Sorry, the program is designed to help one person purchase one set of equipment! We would set up two separate accounts.

3. Can I make changes to the equipment packages?
We're flexible, but give us the particulars when you first sign up for the program. There is a lot equipment options that are easier to explain in person.

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Rental/Purchase Program

• Rental Equipment:
- Dry Suits
- Wetsuits
- Buoyance Control Devices
- Tanks
- Sea Shuttle
- Weight Belts
- Regulators/ Gauges
- Computers
- Miscellaneous

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Tue - Fri: 10:30 - 7:00
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