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— The Peninsula Diving Center offers the most modern equipment service and repair department in Northern California. Our regulator work bench is setup in a manner allowing the technician to easily measure the breathing rate, exhalation rate, and the intermediate pressure of all regulators. In addition, and just as easily, the readings are made at three specific pressures, 300lbs psi, 2500lbs psi and 3300 lbs psi. This is done with just the twist of the technicians wrist and is done both in the "power up" sequence and in the countdown as if you were breathing your air supply down. This enables the technician to be sure that the regulator is functioning properly at all tank pressures. 

The performance is checked before and after, and documented on your service order. We are able to check the accuracy of pressure gauges and the pressure gauge portion of your dive computer,  your depth gauge accuracy, and can also check  the BCD integrity  (but we highly suggest you do the BCD yourself). 

And after the servicing, we suggest you check out your equipment in our on-site heated pool.  Free. Everyone can use a tune up.




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